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Welcome to my NEW home page.

Chances are, if you're here right now you already know me and what I do. If not, here are some useful facts: I am a composer and conductor currently living and working in and around metropolitan New York City. I am also organist and choirmaster of St. Alban's Episcopal Church on Staten Island. Please stay-tuned for the official launch of this new site, and please pardon the disheveled appearance while I am Under Construction.

My current large-scale composition project is a Broadway opera, Robin Hood- The Musical, which Laurie Lefkowitz (lyricist) and I have been working on since early 2000. I am also sketching a cantata based on the early English narrative poem The Dream of the Rood.

My film scores have been heard at film festivals and on television around the world. Notably among them are my scores for two films by John Scott Matthews: Boot Camp and Back Story. The latter won for me the Reel Award for Best Score in the Bi-coastal 1999 Polo Ralph Lauren Film Festival. Some of my wackiest film music can be heard online at Tyler Polhemus's Mmm! Smells Like Christmas! website.

Religiously speaking, I am an evangelical Anglo-Catholic and a parishioner at St. Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue -- a long journey from the fundamentalist Baptist milieu of Bob Jones University, where I was born and spent my formative years. I will post a lot more about that journey in time to come.

Politically, I am a libertarian, which makes me a constitutional conservative, I suppose. I support policies that preserve freedom: free markets, free speech, free press, freedom of religion, private property rights (including intellectual property), limited government, reduced taxation, self-defense, etc. More on that in a future section devoted to politics and policy.

I read widely. Among my favorite (dead) authors are John Donne, Nathaniel Hawthorne, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and W.H. Auden. My favorite (dead) composers include J.S. Bach, Franz Josef Haydn, Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart, Ludwig von Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann, Richard Wagner, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Igor Stravinsky, Richard Strauss, Olivier Messiaen, Samuel Barber, Herbert Howells and William Walton.

More personal information will be found upon the official launch of this site. Future updates to this page will include downloadable midi and audio files to audition my music, some of my favorite photographs, and a link to my publishing company, Earthlight Publishing Group.

Thanks for visiting.

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